Rafik Al Rashidi

Email: rafik.alrashidi@gmail.com

Rafik Al Rashidi Sweets is an expert in traditional Arabic sweets, offering a wide range of delicacies since 1851. At Rafik Al Rashidi Sweets we offer a full line of Arabic pastries were you will experience the delicious world of Lebanese sweets from. Our wide variety of products includes Moghrabieh, Katayef, Othmalieh, Kunafa, Rolls, Spring Rolls, Baklava, Maamoul, Borma, Kachta, Kellaj, Walnut, Faysaliya, Kol w Shkor, Basma, Kebbeh, cotton candy, and many more. Our personal commitment to our customers is to provide fast delivery and the freshest product available.

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